Life in the ‘Burbs


Usually, when traveling, I like to see how ordinary people live their lives. Although it’s fun to sight see while exploring a new city, I am most happy when I can escape the hordes of tourists and see “real life” of ordinary people. For me, Chicago was no different. Instead of bending my neck to stare at skyscrapers, taking the typical selfie with “The Bean” in Millennium Park, or catching a baseball game, I headed to the Northern suburbs to visit a good friend from college.

My trip began in December when I purchased round trip bus tickets from Omaha to Chicago with Megabus for only $6.80. After finding such a bargain, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel. Boarding the bus on Friday morning, I scored a seat on top of the double-decker bus for the eight hour journey to Chi-Town. Stopping in Des Moines and Iowa City before finally reaching Chicago in the evening, I took in the Windy City’s beautiful skyline at dusk before being deposited at Union Station to meet my friend.

After briefly seeing the city, we headed to the suburbs for the weekend. The remainder of my time in the Second City was filled with deep dish pizza, chatting, cafes, walking, shopping, meeting new friends, drinks, and laughter. Too soon, I was boarding the bus on my way back to Omaha. As I watched the Midwestern plains fly by the window, I reflected on the past couple days. Though I love seeing different places, tasting new food, and experiencing diverse cultures, the people I meet while traveling are the most important. In the end, the most beautiful places or the most delicious food cannot substitute for the new friends I’ve made while travelling. Without someone with whom you can share the experience, what is a new adventure?