When Autumn Falls

Blog number nine brings with it autumn weather; rain, cold, and the changing trees. After a very hot and dry August and September, October’s cooler weather has been a welcomed relief. No longer do we have to escape to the library for a cool blast of air conditioning to “study” or to a nearby café for a frappe. Today is a chilly nine degrees (about forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit); a little too cold for the typical sandals and a cardigan. As with any weather, I complain whether it’s hot or cold; though I may have to find a waterproof jacket if I plan on leaving my dorm room!

To accommodate the colder weather, I have gone shopping for warmer clothes to replace the summer clothes that have been my daily wardrobe for the past month. Even back in America I hate shopping, but I have learned a new dislike for shopping in a foreign country. Apparently, clothes and shoes are made for small people and do not fit my 5’10” figure or my abnormally large feet. Most pants are too short and when I ask for a size forty-two (9.5 in America), the sales women look at me like I just said that I have six toes. So, now I am squeezing my feet into size forty-one boots and making due with the one pair of jeans that I brought from home. Although I may complain about it now, I know that I will look back on my Bulgarian shopping experiences with fondness!

With the colder autumn weather comes football. Although Bulgaria is beginning to feel like my new home, it’s nice to have an “American cultural” experience every now and again. Last night, an American professor from Louisiana invited a bunch of students over to his house to watch the LSU vs. Florida football game. In addition to watching great American football, he cooked wonderful southern cuisine; allowing us Americans to have a little familiar cooking and the other students to experience spicy food. The night was filled with “American football 101” (for the students who had never watched a game before) and fun as we cheered LSU to a home victory. It was great to sit down for a few hours, watch a football game (even if it wasn’t my beloved Huskers), and spend time with friends!