Plovdiv: Part II

(walking through the streets of Plovdiv’s Old Town)

After spending four months together, a few friends and I decided to spend our last Bulgarian weekend together in Plovdiv. Friday, we caught the 14:30 bus to Plovdiv, arriving about four hours later at our hostel in the city center. Quickly showering and getting ready to go out, we had a nice dinner (with delicious wine, of course) at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant. Talking and laughing our way through dinner, we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s’ company knowing that our time together was running out. Dinner was followed by a walk through the city center as we looked for a place to spend our Friday night. Finding another group of students who spoke English, we were led to a nice bar where we danced the night away.

Awoke on Saturday at 12:30 (after only six hours of sleep) by two friends who decided to join us later, we readied ourselves for an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping. Because I had been to Plovdiv previously, I was the designated tour guide leading everyone around the Old Town. Basking in the sunny, warm weather, we meandered through the uneven cobblestone streets filled with history. Moving from old to new, we took a taxi to the Plovdiv Mall to do a little shopping.

Returning to our hostel, we took a two-hour nap before showering and heading out for the night. Because the boys wanted to watch a soccer match, we had dinner at a bar and grill while taking in the game. On the recommendation of our server, we headed to a club near our hostel. However, after entering, we were unable to find a table or even enough room to comfortably stand. Leaving the club, we returned to the bar of the previous night because we liked it so much. Dancing until the bar closed, we returned to our hostel for a few hours of sleep before catching the 13:00 bus back to Blagoevgrad.

Exhausted, but happy, we returned to AUBG to prepare for finals week (and, unfortunately, leaving). There is no other way I would have chosen to spend my final weekend in Bulgaria. This last weekend is one that I will remember forever adding to the many wonderful memories I have made this semester. Without these friends, my memories here would have been much easier to forget.